Faces of Evil: Casper Villanova: The Man Who Will Take Your Soul…And Eat It

Trigger Warning: While this post in it’s entirety is complete fiction, this story also details a history of abuse perpetrated by a male, white presenting character, the death of an innocent teenage girl, suicide and or a possible murder. This post may be triggering for some people, so please practice self care before reading.

One of the reasons that we started this database, is that we want to catalog the crimes of the Otahana.

I know that coming from me this may not mean much, being that I am the blood grand-daughter of a Madre, however I think that if I am to say that I want to change the future of our society, then I must do my part.

I realize that talking about some of the most powerful men and women in their world, on a platform that a potential millions of people may see, will put a target on my back, but this is a choice I make willingly.

I am Siddha Lee Saint James, daughter of Her Royal Highness Mary-Elizabeth Montique The Third. And as such I have a voice that powerful people are willing to listen to, whether they like it or not.

It is my duty to share the secrets that have allowed the Otahana to remain as powerful as they have, for so long. Now with all this being said, I realize and fully understand, that some may think that by outting these men and women, I stand by La Grima. I do not. I do not respect or appreciate the deaths of hundreds of people around the world in the sake of destroying the Otahana Council of She. However, they have their path, and we have ours.

Throughout the coming weeks and months while sharing the story of what happened to get us here, we will also be sharing a series called “Faces of Evil,” which will be a list of men and women in the Otahana who have not only forgotten their place in our world, but also their promise to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

For this series we start with Casper Villanova, also known as “Casanova” to those who enjoy acquiring his services.

In the world of Otahana, you have already learned that women – specifically women in the Royal families – do not have access to money.

The royal families include the following people:

  • The 13 Madre’s and their families
  • The Priestess, her “daughters,” and her husband and family
  • The Slilam Guardians
  • All of the Červená and their families
  • The Prato and their families
  • The Otahanian Nationals and members of the Khabra

At the very, very bottom, of this list, are the sons and daughters of the Khabra. They do not have to attend to Myna Atola, because they are gojer raised and born, specifically so that they can go into industries where gojers are more likely to be susceptible to intrusion by our communities politicians.

They attend powerful gojer universities and colleges, which connects them to the families of men and women in the gojer community, who are high up in government, technology, science, etc.

One such man is one of the most dangerous men – at least to the women and young girls of our society – in the world.

The list of royal families is extensive, but this man in particular is incredibly important, specifically to the women.

Every woman in the highest echelons of our society know this man, because for some of them he is a true hero. For others he is the face of the devil. It merely depends on how well you, a Royal woman, behave. Yes, you read that right.

See Casanova here, likes to sell royal women, with the promise that after an “hour or two” in the company of a rich businessman or a powerful politician, the women will be given access to that much coveted money, that will one day allow them to flee our oppressive society.

The problem isn’t that he was helping royal women escape by giving them valuable access to men willing to pay for these women’s time. No one gives a fuck that he’s a glorified pimp, it’s the taking advantage of young women and girls part, that we find offensive.

In our world sex is a commodity, something to be bought and sold on a whim, there are plenty of young girls who use their families access to businessmen and politicians, and even celebrities, to make a dollar or two.

We’re fine with that part, it’s the fact that when you say no to Casanova, he finds a way to make that no a very quick and undesired yes.

Villanova travels with a “Red Book,” which is a list of all his clients, and the girls that he’s “partnered” them with. The “book” is actually a flat screen air locked device that contains hundreds of names of men and women that he’s “worked with” over the years.

Now, again no one cares about the “sex” part, it’s the part where he uses the women to distract the men, so that he can get access to what he really wants: Weapons, intelligence information, you name it this man has access to it simply because he’s willing to sell vulnerable women and girls to get it.

I met Villanova for the first time when I was fifteen. I was attending school At BellHaven, in the Dunbar section of Vancouver.

Now you may ask why there is a cross on top of the school, specifically when the Otahana stay as far away from Christianity as possible, right? Subterfuge. The school was started in 1930, by a group of men who knew they’d need to add the cross, so that from the outside it would appear to be a normal Catholic school. It’s not.

BellHaven was founded in 1930 by a group of Englishmen recently arrived in British Columbia. Captain John Harker, serving from 1943 to 1962, was its second and one of the most influential headmasters of BellHaven School*

Villanova was introduced to me by the Headmistress Khiya Attar, and not on purpose. The Headmistress and I were meeting for the first time three and a half weeks after my parents were killed, and I was enrolled in BellHaven, like all Vancouver royal families.

The school has over one thousand students from around the world, but all royal families in Vancouver, send their kids to this school.

Villanova was leaving as I was entering the Headmistresses’ office and I thought nothing of it. It was only later that evening when I saw a black car pull up from outside of my dorm room window. The young girl who would eventually become my dorm mate climbed out in a maroon red party dress.

I didn’t see her for a full month because as soon as she climbed out of the car, the Headmistress was there to whisk her away. Throughout our first year together I learned that each weekend Lada Orlav, which means “Eagle,” would be whisked away by this car or a similar one, to God knows where.

At night sometimes we would climb onto the roof of the castle and talk, about our lives, our dreams, our hopes, but the one thing she would never speak about was Villanova.

Lada was at school on “scholarship”, which really meant that she was in Vancouver, purely so that she could be sold to the highest bidder, specifically to fund her families lifestyle back in Russia.

I didn’t learn this until I was eighteen, when after a night out in the city, Lada threw herself off the roof of the castle where we attended school.

Like me Lada was a natural born psychic, but the thing with trauma and psychic abilities is that when you’ve been traumatized it is harder and harder to control your powers.

Every year at the end of every school year Lada would give me a little tan colored journal with a soft leather cover front and back. Each year the design on the book was different, but each book connected to the last book with at least 1 symbol or image. There were three books that she gave me, between the ages of 15 and 18.

On each and every book is the same fingerprint symbol, as if she was trying to claim the book with her print. She couldn’t take them with her because her family would have found them, and so she trusted me with her secrets. I was asked specifically not to read them, but to hold onto them “just in case.”

Just in case came on October 13th 2002, when Lada finally died. It was the night before we were set to go home all of us in our various global directions, Lada decided that she jus couldn’t face another winter holiday at home with her family.

The book in the pictures above was left unfinished. I didn’t start reading her journals until six months after her death. At the end of every year I would take them home to my grandmothers compound in the North Shore Mountains and hide them in the garden house where the gardeners worked.

The garden house was the only place that I got any privacy, and located in the floor just under the potting shelves is a secret compartment where I hid her journals after wrapping them in plastic.

When I finally started to take the time to read them, I realized that Lada had kept a list of every man she’d ever been forced to be with, a list of what she heard, and a list of how much money that was charged for her services. Included in many of the journals were pictures of her and the men, sometimes when they were fully aware she was taking pictures, and other times when they were clearly unaware or possibly asleep.

These journals became the foundation of this database. Because of Lada the stories of what these girls in the “royal families,” go through, will be told to the entire world, not just the Otahana ones.

Lada documented every scar, every bruise, and every mark left on her body with photographs, and the letter you see above is the same letter she placed into all three books, in the very center of the journals. I didn’t think anything of it at first, until I realized that she was talking about numerology.

  • 1 is the numerical symbol of unity – I think she was telling us to stay together.
  • 3 represents manifestation, connection, and growth. – I think she was hoping that as the granddaughter of a Madre, I could stop what was happening.
  • 4 represents justice, stability, loyalty, and patience – I’m pretty sure this one is fairly obvious.

Upon reading over the books with my cousin, I came to understand that Lada did not feel she could escape, and who could blame her? The things that these men put her through, at the direction of the Headmistress and Villanova are what horror films are made of. I wouldn’t be surprised if her ghost is still waiting for retribution.

The night that Lada “took her own life”, Prado men came into our shared living space and cleared the entire dorm room of everything she owned, down to the sheets and the “not so secret” journals that she kept under her bed. I knew what was in those because those she allowed me to read, it was stuff about school, and boys, carefully designed distractions so they wouldn’t look for anything else.

The Madre herself attended the school that morning to pick me up and take me home, I was questioned for hours about what I knew about her, and any secrets that she may have told me, but the truth was that she didn’t tell me anything. On nights when the black car would pick her up and return her back to school on Sunday evenings she would simply tell me that it was an “uncle.”

The truth was that Lada did not have family in Canada, and the family she did have, was benefitting off of the trauma and abuse that took her life.

Like many young women and girls of Otahana Lada was a victim of circumstance. Many girls that you see on social media are going through these kinds of issues, but they say nothing because they know that speaking out could end their lives before they are ready.

Many men around the world take advantage of seemingly powerful women and girls, without carrying about the consequence of their actions. I don’t after reading the journals, believe that Lada killed herself. I truly believe that she said no and was murdered for her efforts in fighting against her abusers.

I saw her that night, leaving the sleek black limousine, I saw her in her beautiful pale green party dress, I saw her crying, screaming, and trying to pull away from Villanova, and I saw him follow her into the school. I am absolutely certain, although I cannot prove it, that he may have had something to do with her death.

To my knowledge, Villanova has not been seen in Canada since 2003, but I have zero doubts that he has merely learned to hide himself better. Lada’s death caused quite a stir in our educational world. The Headmistress was removed from BellHaven, and sent home to Romania. She has not been seen in public since.

I have spoken with Lada’s family, at the funeral which was held in Russia. I have witnessed the fear in their eyes as they tried to say thank you to me for being her friend, for showing up – with the Madre of Canada, to honor the death of my friend. I witnessed arguments about money on that trip, and had doors slammed in my face when I was caught spying.

I was sent home with a note from a close relative that I have chosen not to share with the public, that very much confirms my belief.

It is my honor to share her story, and whether the Otahana like it or not, whether my Grandmother likes it or not, there are hundreds of stories like this to be told. I will not stop until men like Villanova, aka Casanova, are sent to the jail cells that they belong in.

He was then, and I am sure still is now, a monster. Men like him destroy everything that makes Otahana beautiful, and for far too long The Council of She have allowed it, simply because it is easier to give in than to fight back.

I don’t care that he’s out there in the world buying and selling intelligence and weapons, what I care about, is the fact that on his rise to power, he has destroyed the lives of countless women and girls.

So this is me…fighting back.


Story Highlights

Everything in this story means something, every person, place, or thing, that I’ve ever experienced, read, seen, or heard, has influenced parts of this story that I am telling. Here are some interesting facts about some of the locations highlighted in this post.

Did You Know That BellHaven is based on Saint George’s Boys School in Vancouver? Well it absolutely is. I used to walk by there some weekends when I would stay in Vancouver. It’s located next to a park owned by UBC and at night coyotes prowl through the woods and across the school grounds. I know this because I’ve seen them. It’s a beautiful three story castle that was built in 1930 by a group of newly landed Vancouver men. They have more than 1000 students from all around the world, and are a global hodgepodge of intersectionality now, and diversity. Side note it really was founded by Captain John Harker in 1930.

The Gardener’s Cottage at Kew Gardens is a place that you can actually visit in Toronto. Although I’ve never been there, this seemed like the perfect kind of place for Siddha Lee to hide her secrets away from the ever watchful eye of the Prato. Check out this article from Toronto’s The Globe and Mail to learn more about the history of the house.

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