About The Art

The Art

Growing up in Surrey I have noticed that we have people from all walks of life here. We have kids whose parents are both rich and famous, and we have kids whose parents fall on the other end of the economic spectrum.

We have kids whose parents follow the letter of the law, and we have kids whose parents couldn’t follow the law if their lives depended on it. We have an untapped artistic community full of talent and potential, just waiting for someone, anyone to notice what the people here are capable of.

There are hundreds of thousands of stories to tell about this city, but the stories that I am going to be telling here are personal. Not because they happened, or because they are even remotely true, but because of my imagination they MIGHT have happened.

I would love to say that the characters aren’t inspired by real people, but that’s just not true. There are too many crazy, wild, fun, beautiful, strange, mythical, personalities across the province of Supernatural British Columbia, for these stories to be from my mind alone.

I truly believe that those of us who live here have spent centuries weaving our stories into the fibers of this place. From one park to another there have been gang wars, and couples making babies in the bushes.

This province has fostered love and watched as war ripped it a part more than once, and through it all, the people of British Columbia wonder often when the majick of this place will wear off, and I just don’t think that it ever will.

British Columbia was Supernatural before the word was a television show, and I think it always will be. We have ghost towns, and we have ghosts that wander through the lower mainland and across the Island, forever waiting for their stories to be told.

That’s my new and hopefully fresh aim about telling this story.

Devon J Hall